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[accordion][toggle_content title=»Services» icon=»icon-archive»] Here at Prote-G, we offer a wide range of services, everything from taxes to translation of documents from Spanish to English. If you have any questions regarding what we have available to our clients, or would like more information, please give us a call or email us under the Contact Us section of the website.

• Business advice and consultancy

• Public Notary: Certifications, documents, translations and power of attorney

• Corporations, licenses and L&I reports

• Business payrolls: monthly taxes, quarterly, state and federal

• Insurance: Home, business, life and car – personal and commercial
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[skills][skill percent=»100″]Tax Planning[/skill][skill percent=»100″]Book Keeping[/skill][skill percent=»100″]Payroll[/skill][skill percent=»100″]Business consultancy[/skill][/skills]



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[row][how_work columns=»3″ icon=»icon-search» title=»Research»]We’re always looking at the best options and solutions[/how_work][how_work columns=»3″ icon=»icon-usd» title=»Advice»]What’s best for your business[/how_work][how_work columns=»3″ icon=»icon-edit» title=»Estrategy»]A «to do» list for company problems[/how_work][/row]

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