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The bottom line is that we want to improve your bottom line. The point of any risk management and WA business insurance program is to improve safety and mitigate risk, thereby improving your risk profile and making your organization more profitable.

Fortune 500 companies have risk managers and entire teams to support their risk management needs. Directed by the CEO, these risk managers dedicate all of their time to identifying, measuring, prioritizing and mitigating risk.

PROTEG applies this approach to the small, middle and upper middle market business segments through our trademarked process called LiveSECURE 365™. A Fortune 500 company can sustain a fire, for example, and have minimal impact on its business operations. A small business, however, could be put out of business by the same type of fire. It is just as important, if not more important, that small to mid-size businesses apply risk management philosophies.

The design and procurement of WA business insurance is essential to a risk management program.
Our consultative approach sets us apart, allowing us to evaluate risk, provide custom advice and recommend tested and proven ways to protect our partners’ interests. Utilizing our propriety risk management audit, as well as other resources, we work with our partners to identify and evaluate the risks facing their businesses.

Our partners range from small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. We also serve a multitude of industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, construction, distribution and real estate. Our experienced risk advisors have over twenty years of experience in providing superior service and comprehensive risk management programs.

Our business insurance products include but are not limited to:

Property Insurance
Umbrella Insurance
General Liability Insurance
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance
New York Disability
Equipment Insurance
Inland Marine Insurance
Directors & Officers Insurance
Employment Practices Liability
Professional Liability
Health Insurance
Pollution Liability
Liquor Liability
Fiduciary Liability
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